Trent N. Cash

Ph.D. Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Programming and Data Analysis for Social Scientists

Spring 2022

Instructor: Dr. Mark Patterson

Course Description 

This course presents an introduction to computational thinking through practice with data analysis. Students develop extensive expertise using the statistical programming language R. Designed
primarily with social science majors in mind, students use a variety of data structures to represent information and solve problems. The course is conducted in a “flipped classroom” style, and places a heavy emphasis on hands-on programming -- in every class, students practice writing computer programs to conduct analysis and explore social science phenomena. Students develop skills in all facets of the data analysis pipeline, from installing and loading packages to reading-in files to data cleaning, munging, visualization and modeling. The course is primarily intended for students who have limited familiarity with coding, and assumes no previous exposure to R. (Course description courtesy of Mark Patterson).

My Responsibilities

  • Facilitating student learning during "flipped classroom" homework sessions
  • Reviewing assignments and providing feedback on how they could be improved
  • Hosting office hours
  • Monitoring student performance and participation

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