Trent N. Cash

Ph.D. Student at Carnegie Mellon University


Metareasoning in Subjective Decisions

Throughout our lives, we make thousands of subjective decisions. But how do we make these decisions? Do we even know? In this project, I explore the ways in which decision makers think about the processes underlying their subjective decisions.

Decision Makers' Inferences About Applicants Who Omit Optional Information

When you're told that providing information is optional - is it truly optional? In this project, I explore the inferences that decision makers generate about applicants who do not disclose optional information in competitive contexts (e.g., college apps)

Gifted Students' Academic, Social, and Emotional Outcomes

How can we best support gifted kids? In this project, I evaluate the impact of different forms of gifted programming (e.g., cluster classes, pull-out classes) and the COVID-19 pandemic on gifted students' academic, social, and emotional outcomes.

The (Opportunity) Cost of Growth Mindset

Growth mindsets are typically good - but can they lead to overpersistence? In this project, I explore whether participants who are high in Growth Mindset persist for too long on tasks for which opportunity costs are high and persistence is suboptimal.


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