Trent N. Cash

Ph.D. Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Human Intelligence and Human Stupidity

Fall 2021

Instructor: Dr. Danny Oppenheimer

Course Description

What is intelligence and how does it vary across individuals and over our lifespans? What are we good at, and what are we bad at, and why? Do we sometimes do things that that make us dumber? Are there things we can do to make ourselves smarter? How should what we know
about the range of human intellectual abilities guide policy, education, law, medicine, and business? What implications does this have regarding the tasks/jobs that humans should be doing
versus the tasks/jobs that machines ought to do? Using cutting edge research from psychology and decision science, this course explores the strange contradiction that defines the human experience: How are we simultaneously so smart and so dumb? (Course description courtesy of Danny Oppenheimer).

My Responsibilities

  • Designing activities for the applied final exam
  • Leading a guest lecture
  • Hosting office hours
  • Facilitating in-class activities

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