Trent N. Cash

Ph.D. Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Behavioral Economics in the Wild

Spring 2021

Instructor: Tim Hyde

Course Description

Behavioral Economics is a sub-field of economics that relies on insights from psychology and decision-making to describe actual behavior with greater empirical accuracy and psychological realism than that  provided by the standard neoclassical model. In this course, we investigate the success of this approach in explaining ostensible behavioral anomalies in the “wild” such as under-savings for retirement, over-consumption of unhealthy food, extreme aversion to losses among investors, workers, and homeowners, the over-confidence of corporate CEOs and NFL general managers, and the influence of emotions on domestic violence, stock market activity, and risk-taking. (Course description courtesy of Tim Hyde).

My Responsibilities

  • Grading assignments
  • Hosting office hours
  • Participating in lectures
  • Providing feedback on newly-developed course materials

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