Trent N. Cash

Ph.D. Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Reason, Passion, and Cognition

Fall 2020

Instructor: Dr. Linda Moya

Course Description

Reason, Passion, and Cognition serves as an introduction to the study of Judgment and Decision Making. In this course, students are introduced to empirical research from psychology, economics, and other fields that explores how humans arrive at their preferences, judgments, and decisions. This course places emphasis on defining rationality and introducing students to the many ways in which decision makers behave irrationally. Students are also introduced to the theories and methods underlying the rigorous study of judgment and decision making.

My Responsibilities

  • Grading student assignments
  • Updating exams to match most recent empirical discoveries
  • Hosting office hours
  • Responding to student inquires
  • Redesigning course content to be more effective in a virtual learning environment

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