Trent N. Cash

Ph.D. Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Research Methods in Social Psychology

Spring 2023

Instructor: Dr. Brooke Feeney

Course Description 

In this course, students learn about social psychological research through lectures, reading assignments, class activities, class discussions, homework assignments, and research projects. Students learn how to translate abstract ideas into testable hypotheses and how to choose among a wide range of research methods and procedures. Students participate in class demonstrations, activities, and discussions that help them to learn about research methods in social psychology, to critically evaluate the research reports of others, and to conduct high quality scientific research. The major focus of work in this class is devoted to planning and conducting studies in social psychology. Throughout the semester students collect data, develop research proposals, input and analyze data, and report their results both orally and in writing. In other words, students practice being social psychologists! (Course description courtesy of Brooke Feeney).

My Responsibilities

  • Monitoring student progress on their independent research project
  • Providing feedback on student research projects as they reached pre-determined milestones 
  • Hosting office hours and review sessions
  • Generating exam questions
  • Grading assignments, including final research papers

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